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Media Release

Crowdfunded novel Twice the Speed of Dark tackles domestic violence and grief 

21 October 2017 Brighton

“Twice the Speed of Dark is both lyrical and cerebral. It is a highly accomplished debut from a writer with a genuinely original outlook.”

Suzanne Harrington, journalist and author of The Liberty Tree  

TTSOD_FINALCaitlin, killed by violent boyfriend Ryan, tells her story from the perplexing realms of death. Ten years on, her mother Anna is still burdened by suppressed grief. Dismayed by the indifference in the news to people who die in distant war and terror, Anna writes portraits of the victims, trying to understand the real impact of their deaths. It is only through these acts of love for strangers that she can allow herself an emotional connection to the world. Anna’s uneasy equilibrium is disrupted when Ryan is released from prison. As her anger rises will Anna act on her desire for revenge, or will she find freedom at last from the terrible weight of grief? And will Caitlin reclaim herself from the brutality that killed her?

The Boston Marathon Bombing in 2013 unexpectedly transformed Lulu Allison from a visual artist into a writer. It began with a question: Why did the news offer reasons to care about victims of the Boston bombing but didn’t give even the names of those who died in Iraq or Afghanistan? Why are some victims unseen and others offered up for public grieving? In response to this question Lulu began what she thought of as an art project, writing portraits of the nameless victims in the news. It became clear that writing offered a means of expression that didn’t exist in art. She expanded the portrait writing; the result was her first novel, Twice the Speed of Dark.

Lulu Allison studied at Central St Martin’s School of Art. She then travelled and lived abroad, playing in bands in New Zealand, teaching scuba diving in Fiji, making spectacle hinges in a factory in Germany before settling in Brighton. She exhibited her art and worked as a community artist for Towner Gallery and Fabrica Gallery whilst raising two children. Twice the Speed of Dark is her first novel. She is currently writing a second called Wetlands.

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