On a Scale of One to Dead

I see the smiling face of a young woman, whose name will lodge uneasily in my memory, perhaps long after I remember that it is there because she was murdered. I wish I could do something, save her, hold her hand. There is no way to react that seems appropriate, there is no correct response. ... Continue Reading →

Imperfect Allegiance / One Army

It seemed inevitable that when the world changed in 2007 the world would change. Working as an artist soon after that time, I made a piece in response to what appeared to be the implosion of capitalism and the welcome prospect of change in the structures of global power. The piece was called Refugee: End... Continue Reading →

Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women's Day, to all the women quietly holding the world together, to all the women loving their children and keeping their families safe, all the women who can't be themselves and all the women who shout themselves from the roof tops. To the women making demands and the ones making do. The holders,... Continue Reading →

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