Caught a Rumer

Vicious Rumer by Josh Winning is about to be published by Unbound. If you like your thrillers dark and oozing from the underground, I recommend you get hold of a copy. But be careful - she bites. I was so intrigued by Rumer Cross that I went Full Sweeney and hauled her in for questioning. If... Continue Reading →

Reviews – please!

In an age when algorithms set the agenda, it becomes crucial for authors to get reviews on sites such as Amazon. I have heard that fifty is the magic number. I am delighted with the dozen or so reviews I have, but would love to accumulate more - several three star reviews will do more... Continue Reading →

Excerpts and ideas

 - Domestic violence The idea behind Twice the Speed of Dark grew out of an experiment I did, finding ways to see and care about those who might otherwise slide before us, out of focus, statistics rather than complete people. It is astonishing to me that the figures on domestic violence and domestic murder are so... Continue Reading →


This is how I began writing Twice the Speed of Dark: By trying to imagine all the people behind the numbers of a real news story. This was a bomb that killed seven in a market place. via 26th September 2013 26th September 2013 Posted on September 29, 2013 26th September 2013 Seven killed in... Continue Reading →

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