Junk Poems

These erasure poems were made as an art project. Messages found within junk mail and set in a digital frame.

Dear Ms Allison,
Thank you for your interest in straight art.
You’ll find camp art is bad.
With best wishes,
Stephen Deuchar
Dear Homeowner,
Please forgive this direct approach, I have an exciting proposition for you.
I represent a client who is very keen to chase you
this is a 100% genuine enquiry.
Kind Regards
Robert Searle
Area Manager
Dear Miss Allison & Mr Hale
we would like to touch you without any obligation.
Thank you for your time,
Yours Sincerely,
Victoria Upton, Customer Service Advisor
Dear Ms Allison,
we use you
Thanking you in advance,
Beth Sanderson, Survey Manager
Dear Ms Allison
I’d like to thank you for letting us take your eyes.
Tell us what you would like to see…
We look forward to seeing you
Yours sincerely
Simon Pike, Store Manager
Dear Ms Allison
We’ve got to crack you on your ear.
Best wishes,
Jason Cowell
Centre Manager
P.S. Don’t forget you can enjoy this
Louise Allison, you have been a credit to the UK
Yours sincerely,
Jane Farmer
Dear Sir or Madam.
You can do this automatically
You can also do this automatically
please disregard this letter
Yours faithfully,
Steve Harris, Billing Operations Manager
Dear Ms Allison
Please ignore this letter.
If you’re finding it difficult don’t contact us
Yours sincerely
Steve Hayfield, Customer Services Director
Dear Ms Allison
• or •
Yours sincerely
David Dunlop
Head of Mortgage Services
Dear Mrs L Allison
We’re offering to hang you
Yours sincerely,
Tristia Harrison, Executive Comercial Director
Der occupier/property owner
hang the owners
The Government has decided that owners will hang
Yours sincerely
Kim Salmon, Director of Customer Services and Revenue
Dear Ms Allison
ONE Man per year
This could harm you
Yours sincerely,
James Rose, Heat of Direct Marketing
Dear Mr Bartlett
Did you know you can release a lump as you gag
Yours sincerely,
Jamie Smith-Thompson, Partner
Hello Mr Hale
We wanted to make sure you always get smaller or larger or bigger
Kind regards
Scott Miller
Head of Customer Services
Dear Miss Allison
– take control
you’re struggling to manage
it could be easier
You could save your life
Yours sincerely
John Heasman

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