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Authors today are reliant on reviews, mostly on Amazon and Goodreads. In a saturated market, we have to be found by algorithms so that we can be found by readers – and algorithms like reviews! If you would leave a review of even a word or two, for Twice the Speed of Dark (and any other book you read) it would be incredibly helpful. Here is a little film I made, telling you how to do it on Amazon. Or follow these steps:


To leave a review, you need to go to your account and log in, the same as if you were going to buy something.

Go to the page of the book you are reviewing

Scroll down until you see the Customer Reviews section

Click on the Write A Customer Review button then select a star rating, add a sentence or two or twenty-two then click submit.


Set up and log into your account. (It’s a great place for learning about new books and connecting with other book lovers.)

Make sure Twice the Speed of Dark is added to your books as READ and go to its page.

Scroll down to where it says My Activity

Select the option underneath to write a review, and submit.

And thank you so much if you do this, it really does make a tremendous difference ❤️🌺🌸🌿


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