Flash Sale

We are having a clear-out and I have decided to not hang on to everything, so I am selling some work at knock-down prices and will put any money raised towards funding Salt Lick. There is a mix of Seventy Seven Seas products (my Etsy shop, where I sell recycled hand made art and objects)... Continue Reading →

Cows for pledgers

I have been experimenting with watercolour mono/lino prints. I cut the lino block a while ago and have been trying different ways of using it. I am very happy with these and will be sending one to anyone who pledges for Salt Lick, or anyone who upgrades or adds a donation to their pledge. Unbound... Continue Reading →

The Bonds That Separate

Patriot: Late 16th century: from French patriote, from late Latin patriota ‘fellow countryman’, from Greek patriōtēs, from patrios ‘of one's fathers’, from patris ‘fatherland’. Recently I read a thoughtful article by John Mitchinson on the subject of Englishness, the same morning as I was interrogating my reasons for setting my book Salt Lick in England,... Continue Reading →


Three days ago I had the idea to write a story in a nearly empty sketch book, (left over from an idea that drifted away.) I thought I would draw and write a story a page a day, with no particular aim. Let the story define itself by finding what ends up on the page.... Continue Reading →

Junk Messages

I’ve added a new page to my website; a collection of what is sometimes called erasure poetry. I think erasure messages is perhaps more accurate. I used to cut up junk mail, to reveal a new message hidden within the sales pitch. I would love to do more of them but have been so good... Continue Reading →

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