A walk after rain

My shoes soaked dark in fallen rain. A little drop of sky caught in wet ivy. Qickening, I at first mistake it for the feather of a jay. A drop of sky beneath my feet caught softly by the rain.

Letter to my MP

Bit of a random blog post but perhaps one of the topics I feel currently strongest about. I despise this government. Sadly I've also given up my Labour party membership as their aims are not ambitious enough (I DO NOT have any energy for entering a Corbyn/Starmer debate. That is old, stale, overdone shit. That... Continue Reading →

Rotten Turnips

"I don't see any reason why you shouldn't be out there in one of those fluorescent-jacketed chain gangs visibly paying your debt to society".  Spite is a damaging emotion, burning both sides of its sour equation. Spite creates division. And god knows, division is not in short supply at this time. Johnson’s government are acting... Continue Reading →


Or: How I think about writing my books, without words getting in the way This is a picture of Isolde. Or at least a version of Isolde. She doesn’t ride a cow at any point in Salt Lick. Making pictures like this helps me write my novels. Not so I know what characters or places... Continue Reading →

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