Haturdays – final hat

I have been quiet on the Haturday front as I have been busy editing my book Salt Lick (I’m pleased to say it is now ready for publication on 16th September.) But I still have one more hat to make. It is to honour and remember the women killed in the time of lockdown and the year of the Haturday fundraiser for RISE.

Now it really is time to get on with it so that I can hand over the fantastic £3300+ (so far!) to RISE – sadly I am sure they need it. And I also know that they will be grateful for any amount, so please do chip in if you are able. 

All the treasures I have been sent for the final hat.

Lots of people have been contributing small items for this final hat that they have either made or chosen as I wanted it to be collaborative. So much of the problem with domestic violence is the silence (signalling a kind of societal complicity) around it. We seem to have reached a consensus that as a society we can live with 2+ women a week being killed by current or former partners. That just isn’t right. That is why I wanted to support RISE, a charity that helps people escape domestic violence.

So, if you would like to contribute to this last hat, you can do so by contacting me and sending me something. If you would like to send something digitally, some words, a picture, you can message me and I will print it out to include. And of course, the fundraiser is still open – please contribute if you can to help RISE support victims of domestic violence. 

Thank you for your support this far. And for any further support you offer to this worthwhile cause.

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