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We are having a clear-out and I have decided to not hang on to everything, so I am selling some work at knock-down prices and will put any money raised towards funding Salt Lick. There is a mix of Seventy Seven Seas products (my Etsy shop, where I sell recycled hand made art and objects) & art work from past exhibitions. If you see something you like, or would like to know more about any of the pieces, just give me a shout. (You can also check out my Etsy shop to read the fab reviews of my regular sales here.)

First up, a 53x43cm framed human heart sprouting flowers. It’s cut from recycled aluminium. I sold quite a few of these for £125, and now you can buy this last one for only £45 plus postage.

3 framed original photos/digital collages. I took the photographs around Brighton. These images are from a series called Value-Added. I thought of the shapes as being sculptural, as though reordering the pixels was sculpting landscapes. I liked the elegant awkwardness, the strange flat intrusion on an ordinary scene.  Individually, they are only £28 or buy all three for £60 plus post. The combined image above is not great quality so here are the prints unframed for clarity. 

Also from an exhibition, these images come from a series called Viaphilia (made up from Greek and Latin – love of the road. An attempt to account for my obsession with motorway bridges and the queasy, beguiling and untrustworthy beauty of symmetry.) They are around 34 cm wide, laminated prints mounted on board. Selling for only £35 each. I kept them because I really like them – but all money goes to funding my book https://unbound.com/books/salt-lick/… 

And below, here are the individual prints, for clarity.

Lastly (for now) these snakes were too fiddly to make as stock for my Etsy shop. They are trial runs, but still look pretty good and a bargain (when you factor in the time they took – don’t ask!) at £22 each or both for £37. 56 x 24 cm, #recycled aluminium and board, hang on the wall.

I hope some of them find new homes. And if you just would like to back the book, you can pre-order a copy or sign up for any other of the great pledge rewards here: https://unbound.com/books/salt-lick/

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