Cows for pledgers

I have been experimenting with watercolour mono/lino prints. I cut the lino block a while ago and have been trying different ways of using it. I am very happy with these and will be sending one to anyone who pledges for Salt Lick, or anyone who upgrades or adds a donation to their pledge. Unbound protect the data they hold on pledgers so you will have to send me your address (via the contacts page here, or you can find me on Twitter and Instagram – @luluallison77.)

If you would like to pledge or find out more about Salt Lick:

I will also be selling them at the upcoming open house as mini-prints, for seven pounds each or a set of four for £20. You can order them directly from me too and all money will go to funding my book – though for just a little more you will also get Salt Lick with your name in the back when it comes out. Each is hand made and unique. They are postcard sized.

Though the premise of Salt Lick is quite dark, I wanted to get across that the hopefulness of the cows is really important. They accept the ups and downs, they understand life on a scale that stretches like skeins of weather across all the land and all the time. And though they despair of our reckless cruelty and greed, they are still hopeful for us.

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