Could Salt Lick change your life?

(This, for just three weeks, is only a little bit of an exaggeration)

Giveaway for all who pledge for Salt Lick!

One of the great things about crowdfunding is that you find such generosity in the people around you. My sister Thea is a life coach. She spends her working day connecting with people, listening to them, then helping them formulate changes in their life or business that will get them closer to what it is they really want to achieve. In order to support the funding of Salt Lick, she has offered a coaching session worth £200 to one person who pledges for the book.

Anyone who wants to be in this draw simply has to pledge for any of the levels. Each £10 of pledge equates to another entry into the draw, so the e-book preorder at £10 is one entry, the paperback and wish-cow, at £40 gets you four entires. The draw will take place in three weeks, on Monday 24th February. The more you pledge, the more entries you have. And of course you get the book, the reward you pledge for and your name in the back of all copies to say thank you – on top of the chance to win a life-changing coaching session. Past or new pledges all count but let me know you would like to be included. 

Thea works with what she terms intuition. The idea is that by guiding your thinking though specific processes, it is possible to achieve discovery and understanding of what is most profoundly important in your plans, and then to find the way of achieving them. I have benefited from her help several times – and it really does help. Somehow a path is revealed that is both exciting and authentic. The authenticity is important. It is what makes it possible to pursue what may turn out to be an unexpected outcome. So I would highly recommend this session for anyone. Whether it be regarding questions about the next step in work, or a business plan, or more general searching for fulfilment.

And don’t forget too that you will be supporting my book to get published. You will have a copy with your name in the back as acknowledgement of your role in making it happen. 


More about Thea

45-minute personal coaching session

Thea Allison’s coaching focuses on helping clients find a life of deep personal satisfaction. She works to enhance inner leadership, allowing people to self direct their lives and wisely navigate times of change and transition. 

She accesses intuition, and the authentic intelligence of the body to uncover what is true for each individual.

She will guide you to access to your intuition and enable you identify and engage with personal activities, skills, professional direction and passions that will bring deeper fulfilment and meaning to your life.

Thea is offering a free 45-minute session to the winner of the draw. The session can be used to gain new insights into a current issue or goal, or as a broader overview exploring current blocks and areas of potential. The choice of an intuitive or embodiment approach will be yours to make. 

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