Thoughts on the election, part two.

It didn’t take long for disappointment to turn to bitterness, certainty of blame, recrimination. That’s understandable. But I see equal measures, equally certain about what went wrong and who is to blame coming from opposite directions. MPs blaming Labour’s leadership and Momentum for the party failure when surely they should know that some of them won predominantly because Labour’s leadership inspired all the activists who worked on their behalf, perhaps securing their seats. Can they afford to be without them? Equally, more conservative Labour supporters who for whatever reason still believe socialism is dangerous. Can Labour do without them? With an imminent leadership contest, doubtless we will demand the performance of certainty (one of the banes of our politics) and bashing heads will be the only outcome. Imperfect and probably short on analysis of finer points (I forgot to include the charges of anti-semitism, which was a mistake) this is what I think: Click on this link for a pdf: SOME PEOPLE…

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