Which Way is Up?

    I am currently reading the book my husband got me last Valentines day. It is our tradition, to mark the day with a gift to each other of a book. Mine from him was The Rebel by Albert Camus. Camus tells us that revolt is inevitable, an inherent part of the human state.... Continue Reading →

Review: Martin John

23 March 2017 Martin John, Anakana Schofield Published by And Other Stories I picked up Martin John after hearing Anakana Schofield interviewed on Woman’s Hour. It was a very interesting interview and immediately had me ordering the book. In hindsight, I am surprised by the squeamish response of the presenter, but we are in an... Continue Reading →

Map Reading

How much does a story change when the location is changed? Some books rely entirely on the place in which they are set, such as Room by Emma Donoghue, the fact of the mother and son’s imprisonment being the core of the narrative as well as the inventive drive behind the ideas that thread through... Continue Reading →

Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women's Day, to all the women quietly holding the world together, to all the women loving their children and keeping their families safe, all the women who can't be themselves and all the women who shout themselves from the roof tops. To the women making demands and the ones making do. The holders,... Continue Reading →

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