Twice the Speed of Dark is funded!

I am delighted to say that my book is now fully funded. I am blown away by the generous support that has made this happen, thank you all so much. There is still a little time to add your name to the list of backers. Every pledge helps, and backers all get a copy of the book and their name in the book to say thank you for the support:


Soon my 76-odd thousand words will go to an editor. I am really looking forward to this part. Usually in my experience, collaboration is worthwhile and valuable, even when not necessarily easy or enjoyable. Any collaborator tends to pick us up and put us down in a place that we wouldn’t find by ourselves, giving us a new and unexpected angle from which to view our work. Even if we don’t share pleasure in the view, it offers a new perspective, a broadening of our experience of our own work. And in this instance, an editor who knows about books will be sure to have some useful angles to share.

My next blog piece will be the equivalent of me wading into a large patch of brambles, with a pair of blunt nail scissors. As the poorly-aimed snips and snags cause the thorny brambles to whip around and scratch up my face, I’ll try not to swear too much. I am going to write about the dread aspect of promotion…. So please follow and share – it’s the least you can do to get me off on the right foot. Anyone got any secateurs?

whooooo hoooooo!


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