Written on bones

The book I am writing at the moment is about a man in prison. As well as exploring the politics that got him there it also examines his relationship with his own body, a body become turgid and heavy after decades of prison life. As his connection to what exists outside of prison and his own past... Continue Reading →

Review: Solar Bones

24 February 2017. Solar Bones, Mike McCormack. Pub. Tramp Press The title Solar Bones made me want to read this before I knew anything about it. The excellent reviews it received strengthened that intention. It lived up to my expectations and gave me much to think about. Some aspects seemed to run in parallel with my... Continue Reading →

Review: The Sympathizer

20 February 2017 The Sympathizer, by Viet Thanh Nguyen Five star review – easily worth the praise and prizes. The Sympathizer (Grove Press) was the book I chose when on a birthday book-token jolly in Kemptown Bookshop. It was a very good choice. The writing is lucid and elegant, calm. But there is, just underneath that calm, what sounded to... Continue Reading →

Promo Clown is Innocent

The problem with promoting your book There is a cape of dread that lands on my shoulders whenever I think about the potential necessity of promoting my book. It's not a very heavy cape. My guess is that it is made of some type of drip-dry, highly flammable fabric, no natural swing or swagger to... Continue Reading →

Ashael Rising

An interview with author Shona Kinsella on the launch day of her new book Today, I am posting an interview with Shona Kinsella, fellow Unbound author, whose book, Ashael Rising launches today. Firstly, congratulations Shona, I know how hard you must've worked to get to this point. I hope you are basking in a celebratory... Continue Reading →

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