These images are from about five years ago, made before I discovered that I wanted to be a writer. For a short time, I am selling them at a very reasonable price, to put towards funding my book on Unbound. The theme seems related. As Caitlin careens through the dark eternity, the blackness of death, she speculates about the planets, about the waves and energies that construct her new realm:

What a thrill it would be to have a body curved and compact as a swallow, a bird black all over, built with the same gigantic majesty as the darkness that holds the stars. The leading edge of a wing the radius of a planet, calibrated to swoop through the inclines and lifts, the densities and vacuums of black space. To master these migrations and head for the burning hear of a star.

Perhaps I would fly a little first.

These images for sale, limited edition, signed and numbered giclée prints are from a series called Planets. All of the proceeds will be put towards funding my book, Twice the Speed of Dark, on Unbound.

Until January 7th – signed and numbered limited edition giclée print from my Planets series for a special price:  A4 only £20, A3 only £35.

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