Motorway bridges

These images are taken out of the sketch books I carry with me all the time. I have a long-standing obsession with motorways and motorway bridges, using them as a starting point for several art works.

I have decided to include them as a reward for a pledge towards getting my book funded, mainly because I like to imagine that there are, quietly, many people who are as beguiled by the brutalist, functional charm of concrete highways as I am.

The bridges often look like massive staples, linking the land that has parted to make room for the swath of road. They are sculptural objects, generic and utilitarian, but to me, beautiful.

The bridge with its supports and the road beneath act as a little future-gazing frame. What you see in that oblong as you are speeding along (in the passenger seat, sketching or taking relentless numbers of photographs) is where you will be in the future.

These sketches are very quickly done, but often composite as the speed of travel when on the motorway means that even drawing as fast as I can, it is impossible to pick up all the details in one hit. The original page removed from the sketch book will be sent to you, if you make a pledge for £30 here: This will help fund the publishing of my book on Unbound, an award-winning publishers. This pledge includes a copy of my book and your name (if you want it) in the front as a patron. Two ways of engaging in the arts in one.

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