It is going very well so far, I am 56% funded in three weeks. I didn’t for a moment expect it to go so far so fast. I also didn’t expect quite how much of my thinking space would be absorbed. Not necessarily with anything specific or funding plans, but just a general hum of awareness.

I will also have to think constructively, for the time when my social media reach has met its boundaries and I need new supporters. But I am scuffing through a number of projects and deadlines, making stock for christmas selling, trying to be Social Media present and correct. I am not doing very well on writing my new book, though it hails me from behind the white noise buzz of busy-ness. We meet up now and then, and I am really interested in how it is doing, how I can be involved with helping it to do better, but I am easily distracted and find myself wandering back into short-attention span commitments more suited to Instagram. I’m not quite writing my second book in tweets, but certainly only in paragraphs – holding faith that I’ll join it all up in the wide open, clear headed, broad horizon future.


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