Deadline number one

A document containing a synopsis, extract of my book, social media links and a biog have gone off today, as requested. I spent a happy day with a great photographer friend who saved me from painful self-timer profile picture shenanigans, and have a great ‘author photo’ thanks to him. But no one could step in and alleviate the hell of trying to make a film. Just ghastly. I suddenly become an organism whose only physical attribute seems to be holding my voice at a single thin and lifeless pitch. It looks and sounds silly, so far. But I think I’m beginning to find a way to do it. The trick, I reckon is not to start in a weirdly heightened state of stiffness then try to work out what relaxed and normal actually feels like, but to start off feeling relaxed and normal. Easy ….. Yes, really. I am going to do it this weekend, and it WILL be easy… won’t it?

Here though, is the photo, taken by the very talented Ren Brocklehurst. Thank you so much Ren.



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