Deadline number one

A document containing a synopsis, extract of my book, social media links and a biog have gone off today, as requested. I spent a¬†happy day with a great photographer friend who saved me from painful self-timer profile picture shenanigans, and have a great 'author photo' thanks to him. But no one could step in and... Continue Reading →


This is most definitely a step in the right direction. I It is a strange feeling. I am full of delight and awash with ideas about how I will try to fulfil the funding aspect of this contract. But as well as almost obsessing about¬†potential strategy, today too I have been thinking about the people... Continue Reading →

Process Panic

Three years ago I started an art project that lead to the discovery that I must write a book. It was a wonderful discovery. As was learning that I had the patience to see it through. I have tended to play up my geezer-ish commitment-phobic tendencies and rabid fear of boredom. In my more poetic... Continue Reading →

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